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Summary :axes of joints

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  • Summary :axes of joints

    Dear Biomch-l's,

    I have asked the question:
    Could you tell me where I can find any
    information about the location of the axes of the hip and the
    shoulder in frontal plane please?

    These are the responses I have received:

    1) Look at the book KINEMATICS OF HUMAN MOTION
    that I authored (Human Kinetics, 1997).

    Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky
    Professor of Kinesiology
    Director of the Biomechanics Laboratory
    The Pennsylvania State University
    39 Rec Bldg
    University Park
    PA 16802

    2)The location of the hip joint center is available in the work:

    Davi, R., Ounpuu, S., Tyburski, D & Gage, J.
    A gait analysis data collection and reduction technique
    Human Movement Sciences, 10,(1991), 575-587

    Wagner de Godoy
    Gait Laboratory - AACD - Brazil

    Best wishes.

    Marcin Jaszczak

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