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upper extremity measurement

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  • upper extremity measurement

    Hi all,

    Currently I am working on a project to measure the upper limbs movement
    using Peak Motus system. Because of the lab space constrain, only two
    cameras ( about 100 degree apart facing right side view of subject) are
    used to capture the right arm movement for some repetitive motions such
    as pick and place, packing etc...

    I have few questions hoping if U could advise as I'm new with the

    1) I have placed markers - spherical styrofoam balls on the shoulder,
    eblow and wrist and MCP3 of the subject right arm. is this sufficient to
    measure all the motion of the upper limb ? if there an extension of the
    marker at wrist or eblow, then how do I measure it ?

    2) I have problems in defining the angle on the Peak system. How do U
    define the angles in Peak or other systems?? joint angle & joint angle
    projection on different planes for the 3 joint ??

    3) the posture of the subject will be either sitting or standing. Do I
    have to put markers on external object such as table as reference. to in
    indicate the distance between the shoulder away from the table?? then
    how about the calibration frame??

    4) the marker on the elbow can only be seen by one camera at certain
    time. Can the software interpolate it or must it be min of 2 cameras to
    view any markers at all times??

    I appreciate your commands


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