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    Dear Biomch-L readers,

    Following my posting on MorphMet yesterday, I noted that two of our sub-
    scribers apparently didn't know how to subscribe to a ListServ list, as
    they simply posted a request to be added as a subscriber to to the MorphMet
    list. Furthermore, there was a recent posting on Biomch-L about how one
    should change one's own email address.

    *PLEASE*, do *not* send such requests to a list, but to the moderator(s) if
    you do not know how to handle ListServ commands. However, information on
    ListServ commands is readily available: just send the following requests to (for Internet/UUCP etc. users) or to ListServ@hearn
    (for an EARN/BITNET user):

    info ?
    info genintro
    send listserv refcard
    show ?

    Do send these requests in the main body of your email note; the "Subject:"
    line is irrelevant, here.

    If you wish to know whether there is a ListServ list on some particular
    topic, you can send the request

    list global

    to any ListServ address. Omitting the results in the full list
    of lists being returned to you, with more than 3000 list names.

    Finally, the names and email addresses of actual listowners/moderators are
    always available by sending the command

    review Biomch-L (countries

    to the relevant ListServ address.