July 16, 1992

Dear Biomch-L subscribers,

In April of 1987 the First World Congress of Science and Football was held
in Liverpool, England. The proceedings of this congress were published by
E.& F.N. Spon in book called "Science and Football", which was edited by
T. Reilly, A. Lees, K. Davids, & W.J. Murphy. This book contains valuable
information concerning the biomechanics of the soccer kick. I am currently
working on my thesis, which is an kinetic and kinematic examination of a soccer
kick using 3D videography.

I believe, but am not sure, that the Second World Congress of Science and
Football has already taken place. If this is so, does anyone know how I might
be able to get a copy of that Congress's proceedings. Any information would
be greatly appreciated.

John DeWitt
Arizona State University
email - dewitt@espe1.la.asu.edu