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Skill Technologies is Doing Just Fine. Thankyou!!

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  • Skill Technologies is Doing Just Fine. Thankyou!!

    To Biomch-L members,

    This is a response to the email posted 12/11/98 on Biomch-L from Mr.
    India of Motion Analysis Corp., (not to be confused with SKILL

    Skill Technologies is not selling the system that was posted on Biomch-L
    on 12/10/98. That posting was from a customer of ours. They have
    refocused their business back to their core area and will not be needing
    the system any more. We at Skill, as professionals, will allow them to
    transfer the license to another user if that is what they desire.

    I am very concerned by the innuendo that Mr India is casting here.
    There is no call for him to intimate that we are having a closing our
    doors equipment sale, or a panic sale or creating a way to try and grab
    orders. It seems to be a misunderstanding by some researchers that
    "Motion Analysis System For Sale" (the title of the original email)
    means a system from Motion Analysis Corp. The body of the email clearly
    states that it is a SKILL system that is for sale by a customer of ours.
    Skill did not know that our customer was going to post an email to

    I would appreciate that Mr. India does not again resort to these
    backhanded tactics to try and generate negative rumors about Skill
    Technologies Inc. And accusations that we are "in trouble" is
    ridiculous. Skill is doing fine thank you! We continue to grow adding
    more people and products. We have become a major factor in the area of
    motion analysis offering a superior real-time product, as is readily
    apparent from the flurry of inquiries (n=22) that Mr. India had in the
    past 24 hours. It is nice to know that there were that many inquiries
    about our system, unfortunately to the wrong company.

    However, Dan, if you would be so kind as to forward those n=22 inquiries
    to us, we would be most appreciative. We could get those people custom
    fitted with the most user friendly, quickest capture, 3D motion analysis
    system available.


    Phil Cheetham
    Skill Technologies Inc.

    Web Site:

    Skill Technologies Inc., "The True Real-Time, True 3D Motion Analysis

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