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Direct Dynamics: numerical integration package

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  • Direct Dynamics: numerical integration package

    Dear Biomch-L readers,

    The following announcement seems of interest for solving Direct Dynamics
    problems as are found in, e.g., Biomechanical Simulation studies.

    Regards -- hjw


    Article 3992 in sci.math.num-analysis:
    Newsgroups: sci.math,sci.math.num-analysis,sci.math.symbolic
    Subject: solving ODEs ?
    Date: 17 Jul 92 17:01:43 GMT
    Organization: Oxford University VAXcluster

    The following may be of interest to those of you solving numerically
    initial value problems in ordinary differential equations.
    ************************************************** **************************
    Announcement of the availability of RKSUITE

    RKSUITE Release 1.0 November 1991

    R.W. Brankin (*), I. Gladwell(**), and L.F. Shampine (***)

    (*) Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd.

    (**) Dept. of Math., SMU

    (**) Dept. of Math., SMU

    RKSUITE is a suite of codes implementing Runge-Kutta methods. It solves
    numerically the initial value problem for a first order system of ordinary
    differential equations. RKSUITE supersedes very widely used codes written
    by the authors and their coauthors: the subroutine RKF45 available from
    many sources including several books (and RKF45's descendent DDERKF in the
    SLATEC library), and the subroutine D02PAF and associated codes in the NAG
    Fortran library. With RKSUITE comes extensive machine-readable
    documentation, and a number of templates demonstrating the use of the
    software on a variety of problems and for a number of tasks. These
    templates are accompanied by corresponding output files. RKSUITE is
    written in standard FORTRAN 77 and is distributed in source form.

    RKSUITE including associated documentation, templates and output files is
    available, at no cost, by electronic file transfer. It resides in the
    "ode" directory of the netlib collection of mathematical software (at (Within a few weeks the software will filter
    through to the other netlib sites.) RKSUITE may also be obtained by
    anonymous ftp from where it resides, in compressed form, in
    the /pub directory. It is available in both zip and tar.Z formats, in
    files with names and rksuite.tar.Z respectively.

    RKSUITE is also available on a 3.5" high density diskette in MS-DOS
    format. To obtain a diskette contact the second author at the address in
    the reference below (send $10 US to defray costs):

    R.W. Brankin, I. Gladwell, and L.F. Shampine (1992)
    RKSUITE: a suite of Runge-Kutta codes for the initial value problem for
    ODEs, SoftReport 92-S1, Department of Mathematics, Southern Methodist
    University, Dallas, TX 75275, U.S.A.

    This softreport (which is the RKSUITE diskette) is a suitable citation for
    anyone publishing material making substantial use of the software.

    Enhancements to RKSUITE are planned for a future release. Requests for
    additional functionality are sought. Please send ordinary mail to the
    second author at the SMU address above or email to any of the authors.
    ************************************************** *************************
    ** R.W. Brankin -- Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd. -- **
    ** suggestions for sig. welcome -- will need include **