B.S.Biomedical engineer with knowledge of database, data collection and
processing applications such as Matlab, Labview, C++, Excel.
Understanding of basic image processing techniques, ability to
calibrate, maintain and integrate multiple hardware systems such as EMG,
force transducers, ultrasound, video equipment, MRI. Familiarity with
digitization procedures, acoustic analysis and speech waveforms is
helpful. Good interpersonal and writing skills. Full-time position in
the Ultrasound Oral Pharyngeal Imaging Laboratory, Dept of Rehabil
Medicine, Clinical Center at the National Institutes of Health in
Bethesda, Maryland. State-of-the art equipment, excellent resources and
cutting edge projects. Contact Dr. B. Sonies 301-496-9403 or email at
barbara_sonies @nih.gov for specifics. Immediate opening.

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