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  • Research and networking (ftp paper)

    Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1992 15:35 EDT
    Subject: Scholarly Communication Project: computer conferences announced

    Project on Scholarly Communication in the Network Environment

    Announcement of Computer Conferences

    The Science, Technology and Public Policy Program at
    Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government and the Coalition
    for Networked Information have undertaken a project to address
    principles, policy, and practice related to new forms of
    scholarly communication in the network environment. Funded in
    part by the National Science Foundation's Program on Ethics and
    Values Studies in Science and Technology, the Project looks at a
    set of social, ethical, and legal issues raised in the
    communication and dissemination of research results. The goal is
    to help different groups ranging from research teams to academic
    and professional societies develop appropriate policies and

    A draft background paper has been prepared by project
    director Brian Kahin and is available on the Internet by
    anonymous ftp from using the following sequence of

    login anonymous
    [send e-mail address as password]
    cd /CNI/projects/Harvard.scp
    get background.txt

    We are now ready to initiate a set of computer conferences
    which will bring together diverse disciplinary and service
    perspectives. The conferences will address six issue areas which
    are discussed sequentially in the background paper:

    1.) JOINT AUTHORSHIP AND OWNERSHIP -- How should jointly
    authored research be structured and how should publication
    processes be handled?
    list name: OWNERSHIP
    moderator: Michael Strait (

    2.) RIGHTS IN COMPUTER CONFERENCING -- What are reasonable
    expectations for the handling and reuse of messages and other
    material posted to groups and mailing lists?
    list name: REPOST
    moderators: Edward Vielmetti (
    Steve Cisler (

    3.) DERIVATIVE AND ITERATIVE WORKS -- What practices should
    apply to sequenced and variant publications of the same and
    related work?
    list name: DERIV
    moderators: Ann Okerson (okerson@umdc.bitnet)
    Steven Zink (

    4.) CONTROL OF DISSEMINATION -- To what extent should key
    scholarly resources be controlled by particular scholars or
    list name: RESOURCES
    moderator: Doug Greenberg (sdgls@cunyvm.bitnet)

    5.) SITE LICENSING -- How will widespread site licensing
    affect access to information by unaffiliated individuals and
    small firms and organizations?
    list name: SITE-LICENSE
    moderators: John Garrett (
    Steve Gilbert (

    6.) INTERNATIONAL ACCESS -- How should researchers and
    practitioners in the developing world be assured access to
    research results?
    list name: INTERNATIONAL
    moderator: Art St. George (

    Persons interested in participating in one of these
    conferences should send a single line mail message to
    LISTSERV@CNI.ORG as follows:

    subscribe [name of list] [your first name] [your last name]

    If you wish to participate in more than one conference, put each
    request on a separate line in the same format. Please also send
    the moderators background information so they will know who is
    participating. The moderators will set their own policies and
    some may choose limit the size of their conference.

    We plan to report on these conferences at the November
    meeting of the Coalition for Networked Information Task Force.
    There will be an invitational workshop for the most active
    participants and representative academic organizations in
    Washington in early 1993. A final report is due in the Spring.

    For additional information, contact the list moderators at
    the listed email addresses. Or:

    Brian Kahin
    Director, Information Infrastructure Project
    Science, Technology and Public Policy Program
    John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
    79 John F. Kennedy St.
    Cambridge, MA 02138
    Fax: 617-495-5776

    Paul Peters
    Coalition for Networked Information
    1527 New Hampshire Ave., NW
    Washington DC 20036
    Fax: 202-462-7849

    For technical assistance:

    Craig A. Summerhill, Systems Coordinator
    Coalition for Networked Information
    1527 New Hampshire Ave., N.W.
    Washington, DC 20036