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    On Sat, 6 Feb 1999, Urban Fraefel wrote:

    > Im am writing a study about some aspects of the history of biomechanics,
    > focussing the period 1955-1975. Though the word „biomechanics“ exists at
    > least since 1900, it seems to have emerged in its actual use around 1960.

    > What happened around 1960-1970?
    > What were the reasons to found Laboratories for Biomechanics (and to
    > name them so) in Europe and America at that time?
    > Who introduced the name „biomechanics“?
    > Where can I find documents (not only hints and rumours)?
    > So far I have found some information mainly about J. Wartenweiler,
    > Zurich (1st Seminar 1967, 1st president of ICB) and Ernst Jokl
    > (Lexington/Kentucky, UNESCO).

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    You might want to look at:

    "Biomechanics Monograph" which was published by the American Society
    of Mechanical Engineers in 1967. The editors were Edward F. Byars
    (Univ. of West Virginia), Renato Contini (New York University) and
    Verne Roberts (Univ. of Michigan). The Library of Congress Card
    Catalog Number is 67-21115. It contains an intoductory article
    by Herbert Lissner (Wayne State Univ.) entitled, "Biomechanics --
    What is it?" (pp. 1-11) that provides a brief history of
    biomechanics ... going back to Aristotle. I think it provides a
    fairly good description of "biomechanics" as it was seen at that time
    (i.e., 1967).

    Also published in the '55 to '70 time period:

    Williams, M. and H. R. Lissner. BIOMECHANICS of Human Motion.
    W. B. Saunders, Philadelphia, PA, 1962. (Marian Williams was at
    Stanford School of Medicine, and Herbert Lissner was at Wayne State
    University, in Detroit.) Library of Congress: 62-13591

    Frost, H.M. An Introduction to BIOMECHANICS, Charles C. Thomas,
    Springfield, IL, 1967. (Frost was at Henry Ford Hospital, in Detroit)
    Library of Congress: 66-27434

    Frankel, V. H. and A. H. Burstein. Orthopaedic BIOMECHANICS: The
    Application of Engineering to the Musculoskeletal System. Lea &
    Febiger, Philadelphia, 1970. (Both Frankel and Burstein were associated
    with the Case Western Medical School, in Cleveland, Ohio.) Library of
    Congress: 77-78537

    You might also want to look for a copy of:

    Proceedings of the "Symposium on BIOMECHANICS", which was published
    by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London, in 1959.

    For a "classic" text on orthopaedic biomechanics (as we know it today),
    but published in 1955 with NO reference to the word "biomechanics",
    per se, take a look at:

    Steindler, Arthur. Kinesiology of the Human Body Under Normal and
    Pathological Conditions. Chalres C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois,
    1955. (Steindler was a Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at The
    University of Iowa, in Iowa City, Iowa.)

    This was written at the very start of the period in which you have
    expressed an interest.

    I hope that helps.

    Jim WALTON
    Chairman, SPIE Working Group on High-Speed Photography,
    Videography and Photonics

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