We are collecting temporal and spatial measures of gait from elderly
people, some of whom are hemiparetic.
I am searching for an index of symmetry to apply to these parameters.

I recall seeing an argument recently that such an index should be based
upon differences between right and left side values, rather than upon a
ratio of the two. This made sense, but unfortunately I cannot now find the
paper in which I read this.

There are a few references in the archives, which I am follwing up, but I
would appreciate any further thoughts on this matter.
I will post a summary of any replies.
Many Thanks

Jane Mickelborough

Jane Mickelborough, Research Physiotherapist
Dept of Geriatric Medicine,
University of Manchester
Hope Hospital CSB.
Eccles Old Road,
Salford M6 8HD

Phone 0161 787 5581, Fax 0161 787 5578
Email jmickelb@fs1.ho.man.ac.uk

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