We have developed a new calibration method, published in J. Biomech., 1998,
and a tracking system, submitted to Patt. Recogn. We had the chance to test
it with the Elite System data file and we would like to test it with Motion
Analysis data files.

We ask to the biomech comunity, which is the format of the 2D camera files.

and, for the purpose of comparison, if the last parameters contained at the
end of the project file, are the DLT parameters of Aziz and Karara, 1971.

Thanking you in advance

N. Alberto Borghese

N. Alberto Borghese
Laboratory of Human Motion Study and Virtual Reality
Istituto Neuroscienze e Bioimmagini, CNR
LITA, via Fratelli Cervi, 93
20090 Segrate (Milano) - Italy
Tel. +39-02-21717.544 office
+39-02-21717.548 laboratory
Fax +39-02-21717.558
Email: borghese@inb.mi.cnr.it

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