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EMG Electrodes for Sweaty Skin

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  • EMG Electrodes for Sweaty Skin

    Thank you to those who replied to my initial post. I have contacted
    Medicotest in the US and requested samples. Their phone number is (888)
    310-3247. They suggested the 720 00 S electrodes at $0.69 per electrode.
    There web site may be found at:

    The co-flex wrap is also available in an athletic application called
    Power-flex which is supposed to be more sweat and water resistant. Contact
    the manufacturer at 1 (800) 432-6686 for details.

    My initial post follows along with replies I received.

    Dave Relling

    > The facility where I work is currently using EMG electrodes from Multi Bio
    > Sensors Inc. in El Paso, TX. The electrodes are cloth backed and the
    > adhesive works well when subjects are sweating and moving at high speeds
    > running or skating on a treadmill). The company has discontinued this
    > of electrodes. My question is if anyone knows of another company which
    > makes electrodes which will stay in place when the subject is sweating and
    > moving quickly? Is there a better way to affix the electrodes (ie tape)
    > maintain their position? Thank you in advance for your replies.
    > Sincerely,
    > Dave
    > David Relling PT, MS
    > University of North Dakota

    1) >We also do EMG in highly dynamic situations and we prefer Medicotest
    >of the type N-00-S and Medicotest Neuroline type 7 00 02-A. You may contact
    >in the US under the telephone no: 847 590 1999. The address of the head
    >Medicotest A/S
    >Rugmarken 10
    >DK-3650 Olstykke


    2)>For our type of applications, we are quite satisfied with the SOFT-E
    >electrodes from Kendall. They are clot electrodes with full-surface
    >solid adhesive hydrogel (Ref: H59P). They adhere extremely well and
    >stay firmly attached to sweaty skin.

    >2 Ludlow Park Drive
    >Chicopee, MA
    >tel: 800 775 4564
    >fax: 413 5936114
    __________________________________________________ ______
    Guy GOSSELIN, D.C. Lecturer in Chiropractic Sciences
    Anglo-European College of Chiropractic
    13-15, Parkwood Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, England, BH5 2DF
    Tel: +44 (0)1202 436200 Fax: +44 (0)1202 436312

    3)>Here in Denmark we have a firm called Medicotest. They manufacture many
    variables of disposables electrodes. I have used them a lot and >have
    experienced close to no problems when using them - also when people were
    sweating and moving. If you really want the electrodes to >stay in place,
    use Fixomull stretch tape from the company Beiersdorf - Germany. It can be
    used even on hairy surfaces and be taken off with >only little discomfort.
    >Medicotest who is coworking with Neuroline has offices around the world.
    The office in US is called Medicotest Marketing Inc. and have the >address
    listed underneath. The address in Denmark is Medicotest A/S, Rugmarken 10,
    DK-3650 Oelstykke, Denmark.
    >Best regards Jesper Sandfeld
    >Hear is the address in us, for Medicotest and Neuroline

    >Medicotest, Inc.
    >1775 Winnetka Circle
    >Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
    >1 888-310-3247 or 847-590-1999
    >Fax 847-590-1995

    4)>We use co-flex wrap to secure electrodes after they have been taped to
    >skin. It is available through KV-Vet supplies (800) 423-8211.
    >Greg Lange
    ************************************************** **************
    >Gregory W. Lange, M.S.
    >Biomechanics Laboratory Coordinator
    >CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Outpatient Rehab Center
    >2701 Babcock Rd. phone (210) 705-6597
    >San Antonio, TX 78229 fax (210) 705-6567
    ************************************************** **************

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