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Intelligent Inference Systems Corp. presents:

Two short courses on

Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, and
Genetic Programming

Instructors: Professor Lotfi Zadeh
Professor John Koza
Dr. Enrique Ruspini
Professor David Stork
Dr. Hamid Berenji
Dr. Jason Lohn
Dr. Sujit Saraf

Location: Embassy Suites, Santa Clara, California, USA

Dates: June 21-25, 1999 and November 8-12, 1999

Traditional (hard) computing methods do not provide sufficient capabilities
to develop and implement intelligent systems. Computational intelligence
and soft computing methods, emphasizing gains in the understanding of
significant aspects of system behavior in exchange for unnecessary
precision, have proved to be important practical tools for constructing
these systems.

At the completion of this course you will have a full understanding of the
benefits of neural networks, fuzzy logic inference, genetic algorithms, and
genetic programming; you will have learned significant details about their
successful applications, and you will have developed the necessary
knowledge to design and apply these techniques to your particular problems.

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Intelligent Inference Systems Corp.
333 W. Maude Ave., Suite 107
Sunnyvale, CA 94086, USA
Phone: (408) 730-8345
Fax: (408) 730-8550

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