0100,0100,0100Dear collegues,

I have been asked to post the following job announcement.

For further information please contact Bente Schibye (bs@ami.dk).

Times New RomanWork physiologists

0100,0100,0100Department pf Physiology, The National Institute of
Occupational Health (AMI), Copenhagen, Denmark

Applications are invited for two new positions at the Department
of Work Physiology, which deals with quantification and effects
of musculoskeletal workloads.

1-2 positions as senior researcher/researcher, quote ref.

The candidates will be offered to participate in a team of
colleagues who study the workload within physically heavy work
and repetitive monotonous work.

The job involves workplace studies where exposures leading to
musculoskeletal disorders are quantified and documented. A
part of the documentation includes controlled laboratory studies.
The Department wants to design a number of capacity and
function tests.

Besides interdisciplinary co-operation with the relevant
departments at the Institute, the job also involves
interdisciplinary co-operation with external partners.

The ideal candidates should possess:

- broad experience as a physiologist

- knowledge about/experience with biomechanical methods
including electromyography

- knowledge about/experience with methods for research within
motor control

- knowledge about/experience with epidemiological methods

- attend to teaching and information activities

- undertake supervision of younger scientists and initiate new

Informal enquiries may be addressed to Bente Schibye, Head of
the Department, phone +45 39 16 53 45.

Pay and employment according to the rules of government
research institutes.

The institute offers attractive conditions of employment, eg.
flexible working hours, paid maternity leave at a family friendly
workplace. An exciting and challenging workplace with
committed employees, many interdisciplinary working tasks and
external contacts.

Candidates should apply in writing quoting ref. 1999-162-17 to
the National Institute of Occupational Health, Lersø Parkallé
105, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark. Closing date for
applications: June 10, 1999 at noon.

You can read more about the institute and its 130 employees at
the homepage www.ami.dk

Bjarne Laursen
National Institute of Occupational Health
Lerso Parkalle 105
DK-2100 Copenhagen O, Denmark
phone: +45 39 16 53 66
fax: +45 39 16 52 01
e-mail: bl@ami.dk

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