Dear Biomch-L,

Thank you to everyone who replied to my earlier enquiry on alternating legs.
I realised from the replies that I had not explained the question properly
(sorry). Basically in all of the data and papers written on walking the data
is provided for only one leg and does not compare the gait patterns of both
with each other. In the paper (unpublished) that I am reading, there is a
graph for hip, knee and ankle angles over 4 seconds starting from heel
strike however I was not sure as to how many steps were taken over this
time. I have assumed that over the 4 seconds there is one full step with
second foot heel strike after 2 seconds.

The problem comes when I am trying to use the gait data for the second leg.
At what point, therefore in the gait cycle does the second leg start moving
if modelling gait initiation. I would assume from observation that the
second leg joint angles are not zero during the swing phase of the first leg
but start moving almost immediately.

Does anyone have any ideas or information on this problem? Any suggestions
would be welcome.

Rosemary Reid
Loughborough University

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