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information on testing rabbit knees using Fuji fil

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  • information on testing rabbit knees using Fuji fil

    To the group:

    I am currently tracking down information on the use of Fuji film to
    measure pressure distribution within the rabbit knee. An exploration of
    the Biomch-l archives created some further questions in that regard.

    In January of 1996, Amy Lerner posted a summary of results about her
    inquiry into measuring pressure in the rabbit hind limb. At that time,
    very little had been done with rabbits, with most research concentrating
    on goats and dogs. QUESTION 1: Has anyone since then (or Lerner
    herself) come up with a suitable methodology to measure pressure within
    the rabbit knee that provides meaningful and repeatable results?
    QUESTION 2: If so, is/are there publication/s that describe that

    In that same review posting, Matthew Allen (
    metioned a group in Bristol, England that did have such a methodology
    for using Fuji film using a goat model. However, no mention was ever
    made of who belonged to this group or where publications might be found.
    QUESTION 3: Is anyone familiar with who this Bristol group might be
    and where they could be reached via email?

    In February of this year, Eric Eils inquired as to shareware to
    perform an analysis of grey scale image, mean grey scale and total
    pressure area on the film. No response has been posted to the availability
    of this type of software. I am aware that some packages might do similar
    functions (NIH Image and Osiris if I recall). QUESTION 4: Does such a
    package exist; and if it is shareware, where could I find it?

    I have several other general questions, which I did not have when I
    performed the initial search and will present them here. QUESTION 5: Are
    there problems storing the films in a cool dark place for long periods of
    the time? QUESTION 6: Can films be stacked up one another after they have
    been sufficiently secured to prevent slipping/shear? QUESTION 7: Are there
    problems when using the films in certain fluids (water/saline/bovine serum)?

    I am aware that answers may be found in a PubMed search. An initial search
    did discover some papers that may be useful, but the search did not locate
    the papers mentioned above. I appreciate any information people could
    provide on the methodolgy for measuring within knee pressures in a rabbit
    model using Fuji film. I will post a summary of all replies at some point.

    Take care all.


    Andrew Mahar, M.S.
    Biomechanical Engineer
    Orthopedic Biomechanics Research Center

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    3020 Children's Way
    San Diego, CA 92109

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