Postdoctoral/Staff Position: Motor Control / Rehabilitation Engineering

* Project description:

The Automatic Control Laboratory at the Swiss Federal Institute of
Technology Zurich, the University Hospital Balgrist in Zurich, and two
industrial partners Hocoma and Woodway are developing a new
rehabilitation apparatus, with financial support from the Commission for
Technology and Innovation of Switzerland. The apparatus is a driven
orthosis, that will be used to train incomplete paraplegic patients on a
treadmill so that they will learn to walk again. Presently such
training is performed with the assistance of two physiotherapists
guiding each one of the patient's legs. Because this work is very
strenuous for the therapists the training is not performed optimally.
With the new automated treadmill trainer much better functional outcome
is expected. A prototype automated treadmill trainer was built to move
the patient's legs so that they follow simple gait patterns. The goal of
this project is to implement
an adaptive control scheme such that the orthosis changes the gait
pattern automatically according to the voluntary movements of the

* Responsibilities:

Evaluation and implementation of force sensors to measure the forces
between the orthosis and the patient. Development of an adaptive control
scheme to change the gait pattern according to the patient's
needs. Implementation of the adaptive controller within the existing
real-time system (RealLink). Clinical testing.

* Education / Experience / Skills:

PhD or BS (with significant experience) in Electrical Engineering,
Mechanical Engineering or similar; experience in design, development and
implementation of motor control, preferably within the field of
robotics; knowledge of MatLab and SimuLink or a similar simulation tool.

* Starting date: as soon as possible.

* Length: One year with the possibility of a one year extension.

Prof. Manfred Morari
Automatic Control Laboratory
Department of Electrical Engineering
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich - ETH Zurich


Please direct your questions/ application including a complete
Curriculum Vitae (preferably via e-mail) to:

Mr. Gery Colombo
University Hospital Balgrist
Forchstrasse 340
CH-8008 Zurich / Switzerland
ph : (++41) -1- 386 37 30
fax: (++41) -1- 386 39 09

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