An NIH-funded Postdoctoral/Research Associate Position is available
immediately (up to 3.5 yrs. The project will quantify predictive
contributions to head stability in normal humans and those with bilaterally
impaired vestibular systems. An integrated experimental-computer modeling
approach will be used. Modeling will involve extension of an existing
model of head control (in Matlab-Simulink environment. The project might
be expanded to include similar questions about standing balance control.

We seek a highly motivated person with an interest in postural control
mechanisms (especially related to head stability), plus enthusiasm and
appropriate skills for successfully taking on the experimental-modeling
approach to this problem. Good communication and interpersonal skills, a
willingness to take initiative on the project, and demonstrated
productivity are important.

Wynne Lee, Ph.D (Physical Therapy, and Institute for Neuroscience) and
Timothy Hain, M.D. (Neurology) are co-principal investigators on the
project. The laboratory, technical support, and computer facilities for the
work are excellent. We are located at Northwestern University Medical
School in downtown Chicago, between Michigan Avenue's "magnificent mile"
and Lake Michigan.

Please call for further information, or submit your vita (with names,
addresses, emails, etc of two references) to Wynne A. Lee, Ph.D.,
Physical Therapy, Northwestern University Medical School, 645 N. Michigan
Avenue, Chicago IL 60645 (312-908-6795;

Wynne A. Lee, Ph.D.
Programs in Physical Therapy
Northwestern University Medical School
645 N. Michigan Avenue (suite 1100)
Chicago IL 60611-2814
312-908-0741 (fax)

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