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Virtual Reality and Disabilities (CfP)

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  • Virtual Reality and Disabilities (CfP)

    Article 4645 in sci.virtual-worlds (moderated):
    From: (Human Int. Technology Lab)
    Subject: CONF: 2nd Virtual Reality and Disabilities Conf.,
    Los Angeles, March 1993
    Date: 20 Aug 92 19:53:53 GMT
    Sender: (USENET News System)
    Organization: HIT Lab, Seattle WA.

    California State University, Northridge (CSUN), announces its Second
    Annual Virtual Reality and Persons with Disabilities Conference for
    March 17-20, 1993, at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel as a
    part of its Eight Annual Conference on Technology and Persons with
    Disabilities. CSUN's 1992 conference drew 2,200 participants, 276
    speakers, and 102 exhibitors, according to Dr. Harry J. Murphy,
    Conference Director.

    A single copy of the PROCEEDINGS from the first Virtual Reality and
    Persons with Disabilities Conference is available at no cost from
    CSUN. It includes a dozen papers, including a Keynote Address by
    Jaron Lanier, Founder and Chief Scientist of VPL Research, Inc.

    Speakers applying virtual worlds technology to the problems of people
    with disabilities are invited to be speakers at the next conference.

    For more information, contact:

    Dr. Harry Murphy
    Conference Director
    Technology & Persons with Disabilities
    California State University, Northridge
    18111 Nordhoff Avenue, DVSS
    Northridge, CA 91330 USA (alias
    +1-818-885-2578 phone
    +1-818-885-4929 fax