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  • Abdominals & Lordosis Discussion

    Dear Fellow Biomch'ers

    At a recent conference, I was presented with a therapeutic perspective
    regarding low back pain and I am interested in hearing viewpoints on this
    information from other non-USA scientists/therapists/kinesiologists. I am
    also interested in specific current or classic references related to the
    discussion that you might have to offer.

    The information was presented to musicians regarding seated posture while
    playing string instruments. What essentially was presented was that: "discs
    rupture on the posteror lateral aspect so lordosis is always your friend",
    "sit-ups/abdominal exercises do nothing to reduce back pain, don't ever do
    them again", "North America has gone crazy with the sit-up idea and
    posterior pelvic tilt. Neither of these do anything positive for low back
    pain", "discs are largest when you are born and flatten with age- this is
    normal and thus older people have less pain in their backs then younger
    people", "Figure skaters and gymnasts need to land with a lot of lordosis
    during their performances in order to balance on the landing and also to
    protect the low back".

    I talked to the physiatrist after the presentation and said that it sounded
    like "heresy" to me. The speaker smiled and said "yes", and pointed me to
    these references:

    1. Cyriax: Textbook of Orthopaedic Medicine 1969 Vol 1 and 1971 Vol II
    2. McKenzie's two books: 1981 Lumbar Spine and 1990 Cervical and Thoracic
    Spine books
    3. Nachemson's 1976 article on The Lumbar Spine, an Orthopaedic Challenge

    I'm looking forward to challenging some of my old ideas and hearing some of
    your new ideas.

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