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Summary of muscle weight

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  • Summary of muscle weight

    Dear Biomch-L subscribers,

    some weeks ago I have posted the following question for a colleague:

    >Dear colleagues,
    >I am looking for informations about sex differences in muscle fiber types
    >and muscle weight in humans.
    >Thanks for help.

    Thank your for the answers.
    Here is her summary:

    >Dr. Marianne I. Christel
    >Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin
    >Naturwissenschaften I Biologie
    >Anthropologie/ Humanbiologie
    >Please excuse my late summary:
    >Here are some citations to sources related to either muscle weight
    >or muscle fiber type and gender differences.
    > Authors Rantanen J. Rissanen A. Kalimo H.
    > Title Lumbar muscle fiber size and type distribution in normal
    > Source European Spine Journal. 3(6):331-5, 1994.
    > Authors Marin P. Andersson B. Krotkiewski M. Bjorntorp P.
    > Title Muscle fiber composition and capillary density in women and
    men > > with NIDDM.
    > Source Diabetes Care. 17(5):382-6, 1994 May.
    > Authors Miller AE. MacDougall JD. Tarnopolsky MA. Sale DG.
    > Title Gender differences in strength and muscle fiber characteristics.
    > Source European Journal of Applied Physiology & Occupational Physiology.
    > 66(3):254-62, 1993.
    > Authors Simoneau JA. Bouchard C.
    > Title Human variation in skeletal muscle fiber-type proportion and
    > activities.
    > Source American Journal of Physiology. 257(4 Pt 1):E567-72, 1989 Oct.
    > Authors Landin K. Lindgarde F. Saltin B.
    > Title Skeletal muscle potassium increases after diet and weight
    > reduction in obese subjects with normal and impaired glucose
    > tolerance.
    > Source Acta Endocrinologica. 121(1):21-6, 1989 Jul.
    > Authors James GD. Sealey JE. Alderman M. Ljungman S. Mueller FB.
    > Pecker MS. Laragh JH.
    > Title A longitudinal study of urinary creatinine and creatinine
    clearance > in normal subjects. Race, sex, and age differences.
    > Source American Journal of Hypertension. 1(2):124-31, 1988 Apr.
    > Authors Costill DL. Fink WJ. Flynn M. Kirwan J.
    > Title Muscle fiber composition and enzyme activities in elite female
    > distance runners.
    > Source International Journal of Sports Medicine. 8 Suppl 2:103-6,1987
    > Authors Bylund P. Jansson E. Dahlberg E. Eriksson E.
    > Title Muscle fiber types in thoracic erector spinae muscles. Fiber
    types > in idiopathic and other forms of scoliosis.
    > Source Clinical Orthopaedics & Related Research. (214):222-8, 1987 Jan.
    > Authors Bouchard C. Simoneau JA. Lortie G. Boulay MR. Marcotte M.
    > Thibault MC.
    > Title Genetic effects in human skeletal muscle fiber type
    distribution > > and enzyme activities.
    > Source Canadian Journal of Physiology&Pharmacology.64(9):1245-51,1986
    > Authors Bell RD. MacDougall JD. Billeter R. Howald H.
    > Title Muscle fiber types and morphometric analysis of skeletal
    msucle in
    > six-year-old children.
    > Source Medicine&Science in Sports & Exercise. 12(1):28-31, 1980 Spring.

    >references from: David Dillard
    > Temple University
    >A very useful book (and other questions by times on this list) is:
    >(Short Title): Reference Man
    >(Long Title) Report of the Task Group on Reference Man
    >International Commission on Radiological Protection #23
    >Pergamon Press 1975
    >Section V kicks off with a section on the weight of Skeletal Muscle.
    > Patrick J Ellis
    >die folgenden 3 Referenzen geben Infos ueber Geschlechtsunterschiede
    >hinsichtlich der Rueckenmuskulatur:
    >- Cooper RG, Hollis S, Jayson MIV: Gender variation of human spinal and
    >paraspinal structures. Clinical Biomechanics 7: 120-124, 1992
    >- Mannion AF, Dumas GA, Cooper RG et al.: Muscle fibre size and type
    >distribution in thoracic and lumbar regions of erector spinae in healthy
    >subjects without low back pain: normal values and sex differences. Journal
    >Anatomy 190: 505-513, 1997
    >- Zhu XZ, Parnianpour M, Nordin M, Kahanovitz N: Histochemistry and
    >Morphology of Erector Spinae Muscle in Lumbar Disc Herniation. Spine 14:
    >391-397, 1989
    >Dr. Markus Pietrek, M.D.
    >OIOC, Hospital for Joint Diseases
    >New York University Medical Center

    Angelika M. Hofstetter, Dipl.Biol.
    Anthropologie u. Humanbiologie
    Freie Universitaet Berlin
    Fabeckstr. 15, 14195 Berlin, Germany
    Fon +49 (0)30 838 2902
    Fax +49 (0)30 838 6556

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