At they make reference to three programs from NIH
(National Institute of Health):

Biomechanics Laboratory at the National Institutes of Health in
Bethesda, Maryland has been using C3D files since the mid 1980's
and have made a number of programs available:

MOVE3D - an applications program designed to provide six
degree-of-freedom analysis of the motion of anatomical segments.
This performas analysis on the key kinematic and kinetic parameters
that characterize human movement.

NIHGRAF - an application program that displays and graphs the
output generated by MOVE3D.

EVENTS - a data analysis program for C3D files that automates the
determination of events within the motion data for rapid analysis
of patient and test data.

C3D files produced by NIH software are usually the native format
for the operating system (DEC, MSDOS, and SGI) and store data as
Integer by default.

However I have not been able to find these programs, or the biomechanics
laboratory at NIH on the web. I have checked, and the
Research Services Branch of the NIH (

Does anyone have pointers to public domain software for analysing
motion files in the C3D format?


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