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  • PhD place avalaible

    Could this PhD place please be advertised on Biomech-L. I am sorry it is UK
    residents only, but this is funded by a UK rsearch Council they put this

    PhD Place available

    The IRC in Biomedical Materials of the University of London has one
    unfilled PhD place and is looking for a Materials Scientist/Mechanical
    Engineer to fill the PhD studentship. This studentship will be based at
    Queen Mary and Westfield College.

    Background to Project
    HAPEX, hydroxyapatite polyethylene composite, has been developed as a bone
    replacement material. The mixture of hydroxyapatite and polyethylene means
    that the stiffness approaches that of bone, but the lack of internal
    organisation, unlike bone, means that the strength is less than that of
    bone. The initial clinical use in the late 1980s was in the orbital floor,
    both for patients who had lost their orbit and subsequently volume in the
    orbital socket and for fractures of the orbital floor, good clinical
    results were found (Downes et al., 1991). More recently HAPEX has been
    commercialised by Smith & Nephew in the shaft of middle ear implants of a
    range of designs (Bonfield & Tanner, 1997). Thus the designs which have
    been used are low load bearing, but require the ability of HAPEX to
    encourage bone to grow up to it. There are additional devices which are
    minor load bearing which could use the combination of biological and
    mechanical properties of HAPEX. Additionally, HAPEX has been
    hydrostatically extruded at the IRC in Polymer Science at Leeds University,
    which increases the stiffness by a factor of two and the strength by a
    factor of four. This gives material which can be used in medium load
    bearing applications.
    The aim of this PhD would be to assess new areas where HAPEX could be used
    clinically and then design and manufacture prototypes. The techniques
    gained by the student would be designing, finite element analysis to
    analysis the stresses on the implants and its supporting bone to ensure
    that the implant does not fail or loosen in the bone, compression and
    possibly injection moulding. Extensive mechanical test data including the
    fatigue and creep behaviour of HAPEX is available. The biological response
    to HAPEX has been, and continues to be, assessed and has been found to be
    excellent with bone quickly growing upto the material.

    Bonfield, W. & Tanner, K.E. (1997) Biomaterials - a New Generation,
    Materials World, Vol 5, pp. 18-20.
    Downes, R.N., Vardy, S., Tanner, K.E. & Bonfield, W. (1991)
    Hydroxyapatite-Polyethylene Composite in Ophthalmic Surgery, In
    "Bioceramics 4 - Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on
    Ceramics in Medicine" Ed by W. Bonfield, G.W. Hastings and K.E. Tanner, Pub
    Butterworth-Heinnemann Ltd pp. 239-246.
    Revell, P.A., Tanner, K.E. & Freeman, M.A.R. (1996) Comparison of Bone
    Graft and Bioactive Bone Substitutes in Promoting Bone Growth into
    Implants, in "Bioceramics 9 - Proceedings of the Ninth International
    Symposium on Ceramics in Medicine" Ed T. Kokubo, T. Nakamura and F. Mayaji,
    Pub Pergamon, pp.193-196.
    Tanner, K.E., Davies, G.W. & Bonfield, W. (1998) Processing HAPEX to near
    Net Shape, in"Ceramics-Polymer Composites" Ed A. Ravaglioli and A.
    Krajewski, Pub IRTEC-CNR, Italy, pp 85-90.

    The grant is funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research
    Council so funding is only avalaible for a UK resident. The minimum
    academic requirements are either a 2.1 or a 2.2 with an MSc.

    For further details contact Prof Liz Tanner ( Further
    information on the IRC in Biomedical Materials can be found at

    ================================================== ========================
    Professor K.E. Tanner
    Dean of Engineering and Professor of Biomedical Materials
    IRC in Biomedical Materials and Department of Materials
    Queen Mary and Westfield College
    Mile End Road
    E1 4NS

    phone national 020 7882 5318 international +44-20-7882-5318
    fax national 020 8983 1799 international +44-20-8983-1799
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