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Pressure sensing mats

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  • Pressure sensing mats


    Thanks to everyone who replied to my email of a couple of weeks ago.
    Following is a list or recommendations and the original post (detail
    depends on how much information I have been able to obtain on the systems):

    Offer industrial and medical systems with a variety of sensor array shapes.
    Sensors are built into a thin plastic sheet. Web site gives detailed
    information about the systems and technical information. There are
    possibly issues with creasing of the sensor array giving false readings.

    _Novel GMBH_
    Offer a range of medical systems named 'emed', 'pedar' and 'pliance'.
    Sensor arrays appear to be built into a flexible mat which is thicker than
    Tekscan, but are not so prone to creasing. Web site is informative,
    although far more sales focussed that technically focussed.

    A small Belgian company offering similar products to Novel, at (according
    to the salesman!) lower cost. The web site is less informative than the
    above companies.

    This is a one use system that allows for pressure measurements to be
    recorded on a paper sheet. The sheet changes colour with pressure and is
    then scanned using a special scanner. It is far more precise than the
    systems above, but is not real time.

    Appears to be a budget version of tekscan, but with a lower specification.
    Most common application is seat fitting (e.g. wheelchairs).

    _Gait Rite_
    Contact Mike Rowling at 800-819-1348.

    _Paromed Dataloggers_
    The contact here in the US is Peter Moore (1-888-605-3636), and he is
    located in Atlanta,

    _FSA pads_
    Based in Canada

    ____Original post_____
    I am looking into pressure sensing mats for using on soft seats. I am
    familiar with Tekscan, but am unaware of competitors. Does anyone have any
    information or contacts?

    Dr Neil J Mansfield
    Department of Human Sciences
    Loughborough University
    Loughborough LE11 3TU, U.K.
    tel: +44 (0)1509 228483
    fax: +44 (0)1509 223940

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