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    Postdoctoral positions in motor development

    Postdoctoral positions are available immediately in the Motor
    Development Laboratory, Department of Psychology, Indiana University,
    under the supervision of Esther Thelen. The laboratory conducts research
    in a wide range of topics relating to early skill acquisition and adult
    skilled performance. Current projects include the development of limb
    control and dynamics, early motor learning and memory, perseverative
    reaching, the relationship between perception, action, and cognition, and
    collaborations involving dynamic systems modeling and robotics. We study
    normally developing infants and young children and skilled and less
    skilled musicians. We are also doing research in Feldenkrais movement
    education. The laboratory is very well equipped, with a two camera
    Optotrak and a Peak systems, new Grass EMG polygraphs, 3-dimensional limb
    perturbation device and extensive computer and video equipment.
    The Department of Psychology is highly ranked and extremely lively
    and productive. Strong programs in Cognitive Science and Neural Sciences
    are available. We have ongoing collaborations with the Department of
    Kinesiology as well.
    Positions are available through NIH-funded research and training
    grants in developmental processes. The training grant funding is
    restricted to US citizens and holders of permanent residence cards. The
    research funding is not so restricted.
    Applicants will have a Ph.D. in motor science, biomechanics,
    kinesiology, psychology, or related fields. Experience with motion
    analysis, EMG, or modeling desirable. Interested applicants are asked to
    send a current vitae, copies of publications or preprints, and 3 letters
    of recommendation, along with a letter detailing research interests to:
    Esther Thelen, Department of Psychology, Indiana University, Bloomington,
    IN 47405, USA, or through email to THELENE@INDIANA.EDU, which can also be
    used if questions arise.
    More information can be seen at our web site

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