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  • wilderness exercise science

    Dear Biomch-l readers:
    A student of mine is in a bit of a quandary and I thought the
    readership might be able to help. The very capable undergraduate
    student (about a 3.9 GPA) wants to go to grad school and
    do something along the lines of "wilderness" exercise science.
    We are requesting help in finding such programs or even defining
    what this field is.

    She is interested in backpacking, rock climbing, cross-country
    skiing (from a wilderness locomotion standpoint, not racing),
    mountaineering, wilderness survival, etc. She is looking for an
    exercise science (or related field) grad program that will enable
    her to investigate the physiological aspects of these activities.
    She would also be interested in looking at equipment from a
    biomechanical/physiological standpoint. For example, backpack,
    hiking boot, and mountain bike performance would all be things she
    would be interested in examining.

    >From the literature and other source we are aware of some
    schools that fit this description, and we know that some of
    these topics are covered under "environmental physiology" (e.g.,
    altitude training, etc.). We are looking for additional choices,
    so if you are aware of such schools or researchers I would like
    to hear from you. In particular, we are looking for schools or
    individuals that do "in the field" research as opposed to research
    in an environmental chamber. The student would be most comfortable
    experimenting with gear or physiological measurements while at
    8000m up the side of Mt. Everest.

    Please respond to me directly, not the listserve. Thanks, summary
    posted as usual if enough interst.
    Jeff Ives, Ph.D.
    Dept. of Exercise & Sport Sciences Phone: 607-274-1751
    Ithaca College Fax: 607-274-1943
    Ithaca, NY 14850 USA Email:

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