I am preparing a lecture on the stretch shortening cycle (SSC). I would
like to present a study that shows the changes (or lack of changes) that
occur in SSC measures and/or functional performance (e.g., jump height)
after a person follows a period of training intended to enhance the SSC
and/or functional performance (e.g, a plyometric program or any other
program studied). My preference is to have both SSC measures AND
functional performance measures in the same paper, so that changes (or lack
of changes) in the two outcomes can be compared.

I have searched Medline, the Biomech-l archives, and the reference lists of
papers I have on the SSC, but have had very little success in finding such
longitudinal studies.

I have found:

Young WB, Wilson GJ, Byrne C A comparison of drop jump training methods:
effects on leg extensor strength qualities and jumping performance. Int J
Sports Med : 20 Jul;(5) 1999 295-303 (showing no effect on jump height).

Kyrolainen, Komi,& Kim. Effects of power training on neuromuscular
performance. Scand J Med Sci Sports 1:78-87, 1991 (I have ordered this
article and so do not know yet if it has the specific longitudinal data I

At ISB 1999, Komi showed a slide in his talk that showed that a trained
jumper has facilitation of the EMG in the extensor muscle illustrated
immediately after ground impact, while the untrained jumper had EMG
inhibition at the same time. I have been unable to find the article that
contains this cross-sectional data.

I expect the data is available, but my selection of keywords leaves it
hidden to me. If anyone could provide me with any references to the sort
of longitudinal training data I am asking about, it would be greatly


Gordon Chalmers

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