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Relation between BMD and Youngs modulus

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  • Relation between BMD and Youngs modulus

    Dear collegues:
    I am trying to model a fracture callus from CT images. I have calibrated
    the CT with a K2HPO4 phantom in order to relate CT Hounsfield number
    with BMD. Although several autors have stablish relationships between
    BMD and Youngs modulus (E), these are linear and applied to trabecular
    bone with low values of BMD and is not useful for extrapolation for
    higher BMD values.
    There are a lot of information of relationships between E and aparent
    density, ash content and so on, but I could not find it for BMD and E.
    Does anyone have more information about this kind of relation?

    Thank you in advance
    Mario Comin Clavijo
    Institute of Biomechanics / Orthopedics Biomechanics Section
    P.O.BOX 199 / E-46980 PATERNA (SPAIN)
    Tel: +34-96-1366032 / Fax: +34-96-1366033

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