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    To: >internet:BIOMCH-L@HEARN.BITNET

    Dear Networkers,
    Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, has installed a file server with
    information for FREE download.

    Among the files stored are cumulative volume indexes for
    "Topics in Current Chemistry" and "Structure and Bonding", a
    table of contents for the "Landolt-Boernstein Handbook", a
    table of contents of the "Enzyme Handbook" (approx. 1200
    systematic enzyme names with EC numbers), an interactive demo
    for MOBY 1.5, the molecular modelling software distributed by
    Springer, and lots of macros for TEX.

    News on new titles are regularly updated

    Send the message "HELP" to:

    Here is a title that might interest you in particular:

    R.D. Schmid, Wolfenbttel, FRG
    Biotechnology in Japan - a Comprehensive Guide

    1991. Approx. 805 pp. 146 figs. 117 tabs. Hardcover DM 348,-
    ISBN 3-540-53554-3

    This book provides an in-depth insight into Japanese
    biotechnology, research policy and the involved private
    companies, universities and governmental institutions. It
    addresses managers and scientists interested in cooperation
    with Japanese researchers and businesses. It is an up-to-date
    and complete source of information.

    Biotechnology in Japan is a complete guide to economic,
    scientific and regulatory aspects of Japanese research centers
    and companies. Profiles for more than 400 private Japanese
    companies and almost 200 universities and research institutes
    are given in great detail. Ministries providing research
    guidelines and ongoing research projects are analyzed. The book
    is the first comprehensive source in the English language and
    is of particular interest to consultants, managers and
    researchers seeking cooperation with Japanese partners.

    >From the Contents: The Industry.- The Ministries.- The Research
    Institutes.- The Universities.- Academic Organizations.-
    Research Policy and Projects.- Contextual Measures.- Science
    Cities and Regional Developments.- Statistical

    For price information outside Germany and for orders please ask
    your bookseller

    - For customers in the USA:

    Call TOLLFREE: 1-800-SPRINGE(R) (1-800-777-4643)
    8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. (EST)

    In New Jersey call: 200-348-4033

    Rainer Stumpe
    Chemistry Editorial
    Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg