Dear Biomch-L readers,

As regards Mr Rainer Stumpe's posting three days ago entitled "Free Information
for Download", I wish to commend Springer Verlag of Heidelberg in Germany for
providing factual information on new publications. While Biochemistry -- Mr
Stumpe's main responsibility -- may not be of primary interest to the majority
of Biomch-L readers (I may be wrong here, though?), I should hope that the EARN
server mentioned by Mr Stumpe will also provide information on books that are
of undisputed interest to our field. For example, Springer has published high
quality translations in English of the work by Borelli, Braune and Fischer, and
Pauwels, as announced at various occasions on Biomch-L, thus making their work
accessible to those among us who do not have Latin and German.

I should hope that summary statements on relevant publications will be released
on Biomch-L in the future, with pointers on how to retrieve more elaborate data
from publishers' fileservers. Alternatively, the list moderators will be happy
to consider posting such information onto Biomch-L if publishers fear that pos-
ting by themselves might be viewed as inappropriate use of networking facili-

Herman J. Woltring
Biomch-L moderator