Dear Biomch-l Readers,

"Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming VIII" is the proceedings of the
Eighth International Symposium on Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming. It
is my pleasant duty to inform you that the Book is now available. This
comprehensive book represents all major disciplines of the Swimming Science
with a total of 95 articles within 552 pages and with a hardback. The
contents have been organised in eleven topical chapters to help the reader
find papers closely related to one another within the same chapter. To
purchase a copy, please visit the Symposium web site at At the web site you may also view the contents
of the book.

with Best Personal Regards and Season's Greetings to you all

Kari L. Keskinen, PhD, PT
Editor-in-Chief of 1998 Swimming Symposium Proceedings
Department of Biology of Physical Activity
University of Jyvaskyla
P. O. Box 35; FIN-40351 Jyvaskyla; FINLAND
Phone: + 358 - 14 - 260 2056
Fax: + 358 - 14 - 260 2031

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