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Report on Limerick Biomechanics meeting

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  • Report on Limerick Biomechanics meeting

    Biomechanics Meeting in Limerick, Ireland

    With a major focus on orthopaedics, the Bioengineering
    Measurements Technical Group of the British Society of Strain
    Measurement (BSSM) has established itself as a leader in
    educational programmes that promote close collaboration between
    experts in engineering strain-measurement and researchers in
    Biology. Since its inception three years ago, the Technical
    Group has organised Workshops at: Queen Mary and Westfield
    College, London, England (1989); Banff, Canada (1991); Rome,
    Italy (1992); and its recent, and most successful meeting, at the
    University of Limerick in Ireland. These meetings have led to
    three publications which provide a major contribution to an
    understanding of the use of strain-measurement techniques in

    Strain Measurement in Biomechanics. Edited by Miles
    and Tanner, published by Chapman & Hall, London, 1992.

    The Workshop for Strain Measurement in Biomechanics.
    Edited by Finlay, published by the Canadian Medical and
    Biological Engineering Society, Ottawa, 1991.

    Experimental Mechanics. Edited by E.G. Little,
    published by Elsevier Science Publishers, Amsterdam,

    While receiving international support from both BSSM and the
    Society of Experimental mechanics (SEM), these meetings have
    received consistent in-depth support from the Measurements Group
    of Vishay from their offices in Ireland, Canada and England and
    particularly from the specialists at their headquarters in
    Raleigh, North Carolina. The orthopaedic nature of the meeting
    in Limerick was clearly reflected in the generous support of
    Howmedica International and the active participation of their
    members, Drs Peter Lawes, Declan Slemon and Dave Fricker.

    The Irish meeting involved 80 participants from 13 countries and
    the publication of a 515-page Proceedings containing 45 detailed
    papers under the headings of:

    + Non-linear analysis (including combined finite element
    and experimental methods) . . . . . . . . 10 papers

    + Measurements on composites, soft and hard tissue
    (including thermoelastic techniques) . . . . 7 papers

    + Measurement techniques (including residual stress)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 papers

    + Measurement techniques (in vivo) . . . . . . 5 papers

    + Force measurement and telemetry. . . . . . . 7 papers

    + Optical measurements (Holography and Speckle
    Pattern Interferometry). . . . . . . . . . . 4 papers

    + Optical measurements (Photoelasticity) . . . 5 papers

    Internationally-recognised strain-measurement expert Peter Stein
    (Phoenix, Arizona) gave the Annual BSSM Strain Measurement
    Lecture "The lack of technology transfer within low-tech
    engineering disciplines: How it has affected experimental stress
    analysis history".

    The proceedings of the conference are published in hard-cover
    format by Elsevier Science Publishers, Amsterdam (1992), ISBN 0
    444 89580 9. Further details on the contents of the book, its
    cost and ordering may be obtained from Professor Ted Little,
    Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering, University
    of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland, Phone 353-61-333644 ext. 2243,
    FAX 353-61-330316, e-mail LittleT@UL.IE.

    The next Workshop to be held by the Technical Group will focus on
    Optical Techniques of Measurement, to be held at Queen Mary and
    Westfield College (QMW) in London, England in September 1993.
    Details of the meeting may be obtained from Dr Julia Shelton
    (phone 011-44-71-975-5555, FAX 011-44-81-981-9804) at QMW or Dr
    John Orr at Queens University in Belfast (phone 011-44-232-
    661111, FAX 0232-661729).

    Best wishes:

    Bryan Finlay, PhD 519-663-3063
    Director of Orthopaedic Research 519-663-3904 FAX
    University Hospital
    P.O. Box 5339
    London, Ontario, CANADA, N6A 5A5