Dear Subscribers of BIOMCH-L,

on behalf of the organisers I would like to draw to your attention the
following conference:



We are inviting active researchers studying motions of animals and
machines to:

International Symposium on "Adaptive Motion of Animals
and Machines" (AMAM)
Montreal, Canada, August 8-12, 2000

This symposium is organized within ISIFSM2K(International Symposium on

Impact and Friction of Solids, Structures and Intelligent Machines)
sponsored by IEEE and Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineering and

Please consult the following WEB pages about location, registration
and so on.

The website for ISIFSM2K is:
You can get a copy of call for paper by clicking at:

!!! Extended Deadlines !!! Please see below.


The purpose of this symposium is:
to clarify the principles of motion and adaptation mechanisms
in locomotion and manipulation in view of
biology, physiology,
non-linear dynamics, neuro-mechanical system,
robotics, biomechanics, and so on.

It is forecasted that studies of locomotion are dominant since we
consider motion of animals. But, studies of manipulation are also
important and welcome.


Dr. H.Kimura (Univ. of Electro-Communications, Japan)

Dr. H.Witte (Friedrich-Schiller Univ., Germany)

Dr. A.Guran (Univ. of Southern California)

Dr. G.Taga (Univ. of Tokyo)

Dr. K.Osuka (Univ. of Kyoto)


Please submit extended abstracts limited to 1,600 words to each of the

following (email preferred)

H.Kimura (Univ. of Electro-Communications, Japan)

Dr. H.Witte (Friedrich-Schiller Univ., Germany)

Official schedule is:
deadline of abstract submission: Jan. 31
notification of acceptance Feb. 10
registration fee due: Feb. 15
deadline of camera ready Mar. 01
symposium Aug. 08-12

n:Witte;Hartmut F.
tel;fax:+49 3641 949 142
tel;work:+49 3641 949 154 alt. /158 /140
org:Institut für Spezielle Zoologie und Evolutionsbiologie;Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
adr:;;Erbertstraße 1;Jena;Germany;D-07743;Thuringia
title:Priv.-Doz. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. med.
note:Facharzt für Anatomie
fn:Hartmut F. Witte, Facharzt für Anatomie