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    I received the following job anouncement that may be of interest to the
    readers of Biomch-L.
    Research Fellow
    Department of Medical Physics & Bioengineering
    University College, London

    Applications are invited for this 3 year post which will comprise
    laboratory and patient related work in developing a new type of implantable
    FES system for restoring some lower limb functions in patients with spinal
    cord injury. This work is to be carried out under an MRC Project Grant,
    commencing 1.10.92.

    The fellow will have special responsibility for designing, building,
    testing, and calibrating a new piece of apparatus for use in the Spinal
    Units. The "exoskeleton" is to simultaneously record 12 moments at all
    major leg joints during stimulation of the lumbar motor roots. The joint
    angles will be preset. This apparatus is essential to the scientific
    purpose of the project, which is to find out what functions are possible
    with root stimulators, besides standing.

    Paraplegics for the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore, and
    Odstock Hospital, Salisbury, will be trained and assessed for suitability
    for FES standing systems. Those who are suited will be offered either an
    implanted or a surface selectrode stimulator. The Research Fellow will be
    responsible for data collection and presentation, as part of the patient
    assessment, and evaluating the system in use. He or she will also ensure
    that the patients are equipped with control boxes, programs, modified wheel
    chairs, etc, and that the equipment is maintained. Close collaboration with
    the Research Physiotherapists and the patients will be essential.

    The ideal applicant would be a bioengineer with experience in FES,
    mechanical design, electronics and physiological recording.

    Starting salary (Pounds) 17,827 plus London weighting of 2042.

    Enquiries and applications should be sent to
    Dr. Nick Donaldson
    University College
    Dept. Medical Physics and Bioengineering
    Shropshire House
    11-20 Capper Street
    London WC1E 6AJ

    Tel: UK + (0)71 380 9700
    Fax: UK + (0)71 380 9577

    No E-Mail address was given.