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Reusable Machining & Thermoforming Mold Materials?

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  • Reusable Machining & Thermoforming Mold Materials?

    Our company manufactures braces for the orthotics industry. The plastic
    shells are made by thermoforming to a cast or machined mold. We currently
    use plaster molds. Plaster is very messy work and produces very heavy
    molds. We are looking into several types of foam, but this material cannot
    be reused causing it to be very expensive.

    Does anyone know of other materials that we may be able to use with the
    following requirements:
    - Has a rigid form and can be machined
    - Can sustain teperatures up to 400 degrees F
    - Is light weight
    - Can be reused


    Michael W. Woodruff
    Product Development Engineer

    Orthomerica Products, Inc.
    6333 North Orange Blossom Trail
    Northpark Commerce Center, Bldg. #220
    Orlando, Florida 32810

    407-290-6592 Ph.
    407-290-2419 Fx.

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