Dear Colleagues,

would you please find the enclosed call for papers for a Workshop
entitled "Simulation of Sports Motion" co-located with CASA2011
( in Chengdu, China.
It's a unique opportunity to mix people in biomechanics, computer
simulation and video games in a unique workshop to exchange experience
and methods.

*Call for Papers*

*Simulation of Sports Motion Workshop *

*In association with CASA2011*

* *

*Program chairs: Franck Multon, Zhigeng Pan*

Simulating human motion is a very exciting challenge that has motivated
researchers from various domains including computer animation,
biomechanics, robotics, neurosciences, anthropology... Due to the
intrinsic complexity of the human body and the associated motion control
system, simulating complex motor behaviours is still challenging. Sports
bring interesting challenges as it addresses highly dynamic and extreme

The main goal of the workshop is to encourage cross-fertilization
between experts in experimental and technical domains for the specific
case of sports motion simulation.

In this workshop, we invite the various communities to report
experiences in designing innovative simulations of sports motions
whatever the target application is: videogames, serious games, training
in VR, motion understanding... We do want to solicit frank discussions
between experts about the state of the art of motion simulation
techniques for such highly demanding application domain, i.e. sports.

Thus, topics of interest would include (but not limited to):

- Modelling sports motion

- Animation systems addressing sports motions simulation

- Experience in using sports simulation for training

- Virtual sports

- Virtual human for sports application

- Kinematic control of virtual humans performing sports

- Dynamic simulation of sports motions

- Behavioural animation for individual and team sports

- Simulation of teams& Strategy

We would discourage authors from sending papers that describe new
software or architectures unless that software and the paper are based
on a critical analysis of a problem domain and contain critiques of
existing approaches. We encourage reports on experiments that have
seriously addressed the problem of training or studying motor skills
using VR. We also discourage authors from sending general papers about
sports (e.g. "sports psychology, physiology and biomechanics" in a wide
sense) but specifically virtual reality in sports.

*A special issue of the International Journal of Virtual Reality will be
published with the selected papers. *

*Submission Deadline: February 10 2011*

*Accept/reject: March 10 2011*

*Camera-ready: March 20 2011*

Please send documents in .pdf form to
. Email attachments are preferred.

Include contact information for the corresponding author in the body of
the email. Papers should conform to the submission guidelines available
for the International Journal of Virtual Reality (for more information,


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