International Rock Climbing Research Congress

28th November - 2nd December, 2011

College of Education
University of Canterbury
Christchurch, New Zealand

Programmes will include

* Keynote addresses
* Poster sessions
* Interest group meetings

* Biomechanics
* Coaching and Performance
* Environmental Sustainability
* Injuries/Treatment
* Inter-disciplinary
* Physiology
* Psychology

* Practical sessions, field trip and entertainment options
* Of interest to all researchers, coaches and rock climbers

Call for Proposals - now open

Proposals by Friday 30th September 2011 to RockCongress

* Proposals are invited from climbers, researchers and coaches in
the field of rock climbing research for 30 minute presentations to be
followed by 20 minutes of facilitated discussion (Abstracts of up to 200
* Proposals are also invited for poster presentations (abstracts
of up to 200 words).

Indicate clearly whether you are proposing a poster or an oral
presentation and include your name and email address.

Proposals - Criteria for acceptance

* Relevance to conference theme.
* Theory supporting the research.
* Implications for practice.
* Identification of discussion issues and questions.
* Importance of the research in the current environment.


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