Dear friend,

Sebastian Dendorfer, PhD, AnyBody Technology, will be giving a free webcast presentation on Tuesday Dec. 21 on:

"A lumbar spine model with facets joints and a dynamic stabilization device".

This presentation will bring an insight to recently added features and methods available in Anybody Modeling System using a lumbar spine example. First, we will shown a computational prediction of spine curvature and show the effect of the muscles on human posture. Secondly, this approach will be employed to highlight the effect of different designs of spinal fixation devices. Moreover, an overview of how to apply this modeling strategy in conjunction with two different formulations of the facet joints will be given.

To cater for attendees in different time zones, we are running this webinar at the following times. Join the session which is the most convenient for you:

1st show: Berlin 9:00/9AM = Beijing 16:00/4PM = Tokyo 17:00/5PM = Sydney 19:00/7PM.

2nd show: Berlin 21:00/9PM = New York 15:00/3PM = San Francisco 12:00/12PM = Auckland 9:00/9AM Wednesday.

The duration of the webcast is one hour including Q&A. The event is free but it is necessary to register to participate.

Please register here:

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Arne Kiis
AnyBody Technology