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AAAM Biomechanics of Impact - Sept 29&30, 2011 Paris

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  • AAAM Biomechanics of Impact - Sept 29&30, 2011 Paris

    Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine (AAAM) will hold a Biomechanics of Impact Course at L’Automotive Club downtown Paris on Thursday and Friday September 29th and 30th, 2011. The course will be offered prior to the AAAM 55th Scientific Conference which will be held in Paris, France October 2-5, 2011. This course features speakers which are world leaders in the study of blunt trauma mechanisms including: Pintar, Hardy, Arbogast, Trosseille, Petit, Cesari, Petitjean among others. This course will bring the participant up to speed on all current and past research on the tolerance of the human body to blunt impact by the scientists who actually performed a majority of it. This is an interactive forum with question and answer sessions. If you have not attended this course in the past or it has been several years you won’t want to miss as it will be several years before it is offered again. Go to for more details.
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