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Xsens workshop/meeting Announcement - ESMAC 2011

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  • Xsens workshop/meeting Announcement - ESMAC 2011

    Xsens invites you to join our free (user group) meeting held at ESMAC 2011, Thursday September 15th, 19.00 – 21.00, Hörsaal 28.

    This meeting is intended for everyone interested in measuring 3D kinematics; including current users as well as those who wish to explore other systems and features available.

    It will be a live demonstration of Xsens MVN BIOMECH, a full body gait analysis, 3D kinematics system as well as the latest completely wireless system, the MTw. We will demonstrate the entire MVN workflow, from set-up and calibration, to recording and visualizing 3D movement, showing the ease with which 3D data, including segment and joint kinematics can be analyzed in MVN Studio. We can also show how easily data can be exported to commonly used software applications.

    You can sign up for this meeting by sending an email to: or by leaving your name at our booth no. 3.