From Feb 27th through March 1st there is biomechanics workshop sponsored by SpineFX at TUHH Hamburg University of Technology. It is entitled ‘Regulations, Standards & Pre-Clinical Testing’.

Target Attendees:
Young researchers in the field of biomechanics

Workshop Concept:
Getting a medical device from concept to market involves much innovation, research, time, cost and paper-work. The aim of this workshop is to introduce researchers to many of the regulations, standards, test methods and typical problems encountered along this journey.

Workshop Goals:
Attendees will gain a basic knowledge of:
•Methods to obtain industry standard testing
•Understanding of the engineering side to patent law
•Regulatory affairs
•Best practices in biomechanical test set-up
•Device path from pre-clinical testing to the market

Interactive presentations will be given by well respected scientists from various fields and industries: engineering patent law experts to biomechanics lab specialists.

Hands On:
Attendees will be able to learn first-hand through practical exercises with topics including:
•Strain gauge application
•Fundamentals of testing with a hydraulic testing machine

Funding is provided from the EU by the ITN SpineFX project in order to reduce the fees from the counter value of €1200 per person to a maximum of €300. For participants who register early participation is free.

For more information or to register please visit or contact Rebecca Kueny (