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Internat. FASCIA RESEARCH CONGRESS: Call for host applications for 2015

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  • Internat. FASCIA RESEARCH CONGRESS: Call for host applications for 2015

    The organizers and sponsors of the 2012 Fascia Research Congress in Vancouver are announcing the official call for host applications for the 4th International FASCIA RESEARCH CONGRESS in 2015. If you are interested in hosting the 2015 congress, we want to hear from you.

    BACKGROUND. The First International Fascia Research Congress was held in Boston at The Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School in the fall of 2007. It proved to be a huge success with more registrant demand than we could accommodate. It also generated quite a lot of media attention with coverage in many journals and recognition that this event was a breakthrough into a new field of interdisciplinary scientific exploration (including a two-page article in SCIENCE magazine). Similarly, the Second International Research Congress in 2009, held at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, was celebrated as a huge success and was covered even more extensively in the international media. We are eagerly looking forward to the third Congress, hosted by the Massage Therapy Association of British Columbia, which will take place on March 28-30 in Vancouver. We are looking for another excellent host organization and location for the 4th Fascia Research Congress, with fall 2012 as realistic target planning dates. More info on the first three congresses can be found at
    Important considerations for selection of the 2015 conference host and venue:
    * Date: Spring of 2015
    * Conference length: 3 days, with potential for pre- and post-conference workshops
    * Capacity: Site should be able to accommodate plenary session attendance of 500 out-of-town participants plus host's estimated number of local participants.
    * Program: Includes as many as three breakout/parallel sessions per day on 2-3 days of the conference.

    1) Send us an email. If you are interested in hosting the 2015 Fascia Research Congress, send us an email at to let us know to look out for your application.

    2) Submit a written application. Submit your written application to by January 15th, 2012. Make sure the application addresses the following aspects:
    * Full description of venue(s) with costs, nearby hotel accommodations,local conditions and transportation
    * Describe the number of qualified staff that the support host community (or institution) has or can put in place to manage the event through all phases — planning, communications, procurements, as well as on-site management of the event itself.
    * What relevant experience does the potential host organization team have? Please describe the type, size, and outcomes of any conferences that have been organized in the past.
    * What benefits/special features would be provided to conference participants and presenters in the proposed arrangement?

    SELECTION. Once we receive all the submissions, strong candidates will be contacted personally for additional information and input as needed. Ideally, the selection process will be completed in time to announce the 2015 conference host and location at the upcoming Congress in March.
    On behalf of the organizers and sponsors of the Third International Fascia Research Congress,

    Geoffrey Bove DC, PhD. Scientific Committee Chair, Fascia Research Congress 2012
    Harriet Hall PDP, RMT. Planning Committee, Fascia Research Congress 2012
    Thomas W. Findley MD PhD. Executive Director, Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation and Fascia Research Congress
    Leon Chaitow ND, DO. Scientific Committee, Fascia Research Congress 2012
    Robert Schleip PhD. Scientific Committee, Fascia Research Congress 2012