The Biomedical Devices and Technologies Course Module will be held in Instituto Superior T├ęcnico, Lisbon, from 30 of January to 10 of February 2012. This is an elective course that unfolds under the key area of Bioengineering Systems of the MIT-Portugal Program (MPP). The course will bring together experts from Academia, Medicine and Industry with the objective of providing an integrated and comprehensive perspective of the addressed topics:

- Human Movement Simulation and Analysis - M. T. Silva, IST, MIT
- The Impact of a Bioengineer in the Orthopaedic Field - Manuel Cassiano Neves, CUF Descobertas
- Conservative Hip Surgery: Present and Future Challenges - Paulo Rego, HL
- Computational Modelling of Orthopaedic Devices - P. Fernandes, IST
- Prosthetic Devices for the Lower and Upper Limbs: Present and Future - R. Marcelino, Otto Bock
- Tissue Characterization by Image Analysis for Diagnostic Purposes -J. Sanches, IST
- Neuroimaging: from methods to applications - P. Figueiredo, IST
- Human Factors of Biomedical Devices - L. Young, MIT
- Powered Leg Prostheses and Orthoses - M. Williams, MIT; H. Herr, MIT
- Hybrid Human - D. Newman, MIT
- Towards more natural Human-Robot Interaction - E. Bicho, UMinho
- Microsystems Technologies for Implantable Devices - L. Rocha, UMinho

This is a public session (registration is free but mandatory). Visit the website for registration and more information: