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GCMAS student information including Travel Awards due 2/15/12

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  • GCMAS student information including Travel Awards due 2/15/12

    Student travel awards: Getting to the conference may be the toughest part for some students. GCMAS offers approximately 10 travel scholarships to student members who present their research at the meeting. Applications are due February 15, 2012 and the application can be found on the conference website. We would like to thank our sponsors for providing the funding to make this program possible. Make sure that you stop by their booths and identify yourself as a travel award recipient. Also, be sure to visit for additional travel fund opportunities.

    Student symposium: Kirsten Tulchin has been working to develop a student-oriented symposium to assist students in career development, mentorship and education. She has arranged for three speakers to discuss topics including: What information does a potential employer really look for on my CV? What are the dos and don’ts of an interview? How do I choose a mentor? Why is mentorship important? What is a postdoc position? Do I need to do a postdoc? In addition to the three speakers, a panel of ten individuals will be available to answer any question the audience may have. The panel includes all levels of academia, clinical researchers and students. This symposium will be open, at no charge, to all students in attendance at the meeting. It will be held immediately before the student mixer on Wednesday, May 9th. Be sure to come early to the meeting so that you do not miss this exciting opportunity.

    Student mentorship program: This year we are working very hard to make the student mentorship program a positive and meaningful experience for everyone involved. Students will be matched to a mentor based on their research interests and career goals. If there is a particular person that you would like to be matched to, do not hesitate to ask! If you would like to participate, be sure to email Dr. Vardaxis at Be sure to let him know that you are a mentee, your contact information, current research interests, your current position and career goals. As a reminder, once you are sent your mentor’s information, it is your responsibility to contact the mentor before the meeting to arrange a time to meet. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to schedule a time during breakfast or lunch to meet. If you have specific questions for your mentor, it may be nice to email them those questions a priori so that they are able to prepare. The deadline is to enroll is March 31st.

    Student mixer: On Wednesday evening, immediately before the Welcome Reception, GCMAS hosts a student mixer. This is a relaxing event where students can mingle among themselves, with professors and clinical researchers. This is a great time to introduce yourself to your mentor and finalize your plans to sit down and chat. In addition, this is the perfect time to meet other students, make friends and enjoy a few drinks.

    Student presentations: This year there will be a podium session dedicated to student finalists for the Kevin Granata Young Investigator Award. This is tremendously exciting, as students will have their own session to present their work in. In addition, other quality student oral presentations will be sprinkled into other podium sessions and of course, there will be student posters. Please be sure to attend as many student talks and posters as you can. As you all know, it is sometimes hard to stand at a poster and have no one to talk to! Be sure to support your fellow students by stopping by our posters and giving each other an opportunity to share our research.

    Kevin Granata Young Investigator Award: As some of you may not know, Dr. Granata was an outstanding biomechanist that contributed so very much to our field. He died tragically in the Virginia Tech shootings. In his honor, GCMAS has established an award fund. Students that submit an abstract as a GCMAS student member are eligible for this award. This award of $1000 in funds for the following year’s conference is available to the best student or postdoctoral presentation. Be sure to attend the awards ceremony on Saturday to see the presentation of the award.

    Student Roommate Finder:
    Students that are interested in locating a roommate to share a hotel room should contact student representative, Jenna Yentes, at before February 29, 2012. Please provide her with the following information:
    Your name
    Email address and phone number
    Your planned arrival date and departure dates in Grand Rapids
    Roommate preferences: How many people you would like to share a room with (i.e. 1, 2 or 3)? Smoking/Nonsmoking? Gender?
    Please also provide contact information for a faculty advisor who can serve as a personal reference.
    In early March, we will provide you with a list of potential roommates. Once you have received information regarding potential roommates, it will be your responsibility to contact each other and make hotel arrangements. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jenna.
    This is provided by GCMAS as a service to students attending the annual conference.GCMAS assumes no responsibility for communications which arise from those postings. GCMAS also assumes no financial responsibility for any arrangements made through this service. We cannot verify the accuracy of any contact information within these postings, and we take no responsibility for screening or matching prospective roommates. We encourage you to make arrangements with conference attendees you know personally, or whose identities can be verified by third parties.