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TrueImpulse Travel Grants offered by NDI

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  • TrueImpulse Travel Grants offered by NDI

    TrueImpulse Travel Grants for ESB and ASB 2012

    To celebrate the arrival of our TrueImpulse force plates, Northern Digital Inc. now offers 4 travel grants of US$500 each. The goal of the travel grants is to provide postgraduate and/or graduate students financial support to attend and present their work at the ESB in Lisbon or the ASB in Gainsville this year.

    The travel grants are for motivated postgraduate and/or graduate students in the area of biomechanics who are presenting their work at one of these two conferences. Two travel grants are available for each conference.

    If you are interested, please make sure that you complete your application on by June 15, 2012.

    We look forward to receiving your applications and meeting you at one of the conferences this summer!

    Life Sciences Team
    Northern Digital Inc.

    TrueImpulse: The New Standard in Force Plates
    Besides our well-know research-grade Motion Capture Systems, NDI now introduces the TrueImpulse force plates. TrueImpulse force plates capture 3D ground reaction forces and are specifically designed for biomechanics research applications (e.g. balance, gait, sports performance analysis). Unique design principles and state-of-the-art electronics allow TrueImpulse force plates to deliver superior results for a low price. In addition, TrueImpulse force plates offer exclusive features that allow easy and accurate integration with other biomechanics research equipment (e.g. motion capture systems, EMG, etc.).

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    Re: TrueImpulse Travel Grants offered by NDI

    Reminder! Last week to apply for a TrueImpulse Travel Grant!

    If you are interested, please make sure that your completed application form is submitted by 11:59 pm (PST) on Friday June 15, 2012.

    More info and online application form: