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ISEA 2012 -- The Engineering of Sports 9, Pre-Conference Workshop

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  • ISEA 2012 -- The Engineering of Sports 9, Pre-Conference Workshop

    Applications of EMG in Sports Engineering

    Venue, Date and Time
    The Engineering of Sport 9 (ISEA 2012)
    Monday July 9, 2012, 3:00 – 4:30 PM
    Hamilton Room
    UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center
    Lowell, Massachusetts

    Workshop Description
    Newly developed wireless data acquisition systems for EMG and other physiological signals will be used to unobtrusively capture information about the human body, in real time, and in real world situations. Portable, wireless systems allow unencumbered monitoring of natural motion and activities. Through an integrated system of data collection and viewing, this corpus of information may be analyzed to interpret the relationships among these data and integrated into other feedback, control, and display systems with minimal effort. Concurrent signals, such as EKG, inertial (movement), GPS (location), all collected through an integrated and synchronized data collection system, will be analyzed and related to the muscle activity monitored by the sEMG signals. We will also demonstrate development kits which allow the straightforward integration of these measurements in real‐time for specialized applications.

    Nick Kundu, MS (CSE) – Delsys Inc., Boston, MA

    Open to the public or to ISEA 2012 attendees – no registration required
    For additional information, please contact