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One day left for abstract submission - soft tissue modelling - biot conference

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  • One day left for abstract submission - soft tissue modelling - biot conference

    EXTENDED DEADLINE: December 15th abstract submission deadline 5th Biot Conference on Poromechanics - Soft tissue modelling in bioengineering: from poroelasticity to tissue biophysics

    Paper submission open for the Mini-Symposium on Soft tissue modelling in bioengineering: from poroelasticity to tissue biophysics (MS23) at the 5th Biot Conference on Poromechanics, July 10-12, 2013, Vienna, Austria. Submission deadline is 15 November 2012, and accepted abstract should lead to a 4 to 10 pages full article to be submitted on 28 February 2013. More information about the mini-symposium and about the conference is given below.

    About the symposium:
    Soft tissues within the human body are complex composite materials that contain from 70% to 85% water approximately. Due to their composition and ultrastructure, they have usually low permeability values and may be subject to osmotic pressurizations. These characteristics confer a major role on the interstitial fluid in controlling the tissue mechanical behaviour under both transient and equilibrium load regimes. Moreover, most of the soft connective tissues are avascular and cell nutrition may occur through diffusion phenomena that depend in turn on the consolidation of the hydrated matrix. In some cases, fluid effects were shown also to possibly induce specific cell processes that are essential for proper tissue maintenance. As such, poroelastic models are the basis for advanced explorations of soft tissue biomechanics and biophysics, and this mini-symposium aims to present both the latest advances and issues in coupling poromechanical analyses to soft tissue research.

    About the Biot Conference on Poromechanics:
    The first Biot conference on Poromechanics was held in 1998 at the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium), the Alma Mater of Maurice Anthony Biot (1905-1985), the founder of the field that is commonly referred to as Biot theory of poroelasticity, a field with unparalleled impact on a wide variety of disciplines, including civil and biomedical engineering, geophysics, acoustics, and materials science. This first conference, with its truly multidisciplinary nature, was so successful that the Poromechanics community continued to meet and exchange ideas in a four-year interval, 2002 at Université Joseph Fourier (Grenoble, France), 2005 at Oklahoma University (where the Biot centennial was celebrated), before BIOT-4 was hosted, in 2009, by Columbia University (New York, USA) where Biot, as the Professor of Mechanics, wrote his seminal 1941-paper on "General theory of three-dimensional consolidation", which made him the Father of Poromechanics.
    As the year 2013 approaches, it seems appropriate to commemorate the "Grandfather" of Poromechanics, Karl von Terzaghi (1883-1963), the founder of consolidation experiments and theoretical soil mechanics in general. We will do so at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), the first university who granted Terzaghi, in 1929, a full professorship on the topic, and the place where Terzaghi established the, at that time, largest and most comprehensive soil mechanics laboratory in the world. Following the great examples of Terzaghi and Biot, our focus will be on the beneficial interaction of experiment, theory, and computation, and the merging of often over-specialized disciplines into a unified natural science viewpoint, jointly driven forward by scientists and engineers. It is in this spirit that we cordially invite colleagues working on the mechanics and physics of porous media, from the atomistic to the kilometer scale, to join us in Vienna, in 2013, at the 5th BIOT conference on Poromechanics - dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Karl von Terzaghi’s death.

    Conference webpage:

    Instructions for abstract & submission portal: