Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to announce that the paper submission and registration for the DynaCaps2014 Symposium on the "Dynamics of Capsules, Vesicles and Cells in Flow" are now open.

Instructions for authors are available on the Symposium website at, along with the links for paper submission and registration.

The Symposium, which has received both the support of IUTAM (IUTAM Symposium GA12-06) and Euromech (Euromech Colloquium 554), will take place on 15-18 July 2014 in Compiègne (France). It will focus on encapsulated liquid droplets (capsules, vesicles and cells), which are common in nature and in many industrial applications. The aim is to bring together theoreticians and experimentalists who work on the mechanics, physics and/or biology of such particles. The open issues include the fabrication of deformable vector particles, their mechanical characterization, the measurement and numerical simulation of their motion and deformation when subjected to a flow. The Symposium will provide the opportunity to survey the various approaches used to study encapsulated liquid droplets and aims at establishing guidelines for future research.

Key Dates
February 15, 2014: Abstract submission deadline
March 31, 2014: Notification of acceptance
May 15, 2014: Early registration deadline
June 30, 2014: Registration deadline
July 15-18, 2014: Conference dates

We hope that you will present a paper on your current research work.
Do not hesitate to disseminate this announcement among colleagues who might be interested.

A few support grants are available to attend the conference. The grants will cover the registration fees (which include lunches, reception and banquet) and hotel room for 3 nights. They will, however, not cover for the travel expenses. To apply, please send a Curriculum Vita with a letter of motivation to the organizers
( for evaluation by the Scientific Committee.

Sincerely yours

Anne-Virginie Salsac Dominique Barthès-Biesel Mark Blyth
Dr Anne-Virginie Salsac
CNRS Researcher, Biomechanics and Bioengineering Laboratory
Université de Technologie de Compiègne
CS 60319
Tel: +33 (0)3 44 23 73 38