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Reminder: ISBS2014 Hans Gros Emerging Researcher Applications

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  • Reminder: ISBS2014 Hans Gros Emerging Researcher Applications

    Dear ISBS members,

    A reminder from the ISBS Awards Committee that the applications for the ISBS2014 Hans Gros Emerging Researcher close on Friday 31st of January.

    The entrance criteria are as follows:
    1. The applicant must be a full member of ISBS for at least two consecutive years.
    2. The applicant must be within two to five years of graduating with a PhD.
    E.g. If the applicant graduated in 2012, then he/she can apply in the years 2014-2017.
    3. The applicant must have a record of successful research esteem and publications.
    4. A letter of support from an established researcher in the field of Sports Biomechanics with a clear statement that he/she supports the application for the ISBS
    Hans Gros Emerging Researcher Award. The letter must accompany the application form.
    5. A 250-word abstract outlining the proposed presentation topic. The proposed presentation should address a topic suitable for the ISBS audience.

    The applications will be reviewed by the VP of Awards. Applications not adhering to the award criteria will not be judged. Applications adhering to the award criteria will be forwarded to the Scientific Judging Committee (SJC). The applications will be judged based on the submitted application only and will be reviewed using the following criteria:
    • scientific merit of the paper,
    • suitability of the paper topic for the ISBS conference,
    • paper topic is within the applicant’s area of expertise, as evidenced by their research record,
    • record of academic publications and contributions at conferences,
    • evidence of developing and leading innovative research projects,
    • evidence of impact of research,
    • evidence of awards and grants to support research, and
    • evidence of esteem indicators.

    The decision of the SJC is final in all cases and no correspondence will be entered into.

    The successful applicant will be asked to submit a conference paper adhering to the ISBS conference paper format. Guidelines can be found at

    The Hans Gros Emerging Researcher Award includes a certificate, monetary award of € 1000 and complimentary registration for the ISBS2014 conference.

    The applicant must submit the application form (from or, 250-word abstract, and supporting documentation to the VP of Awards by Friday 31st of January, 2014.

    Thank you for your participation,

    Elizabeth Bradshaw

    Vice President (Awards)