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International Workshop on Multiscale Mechanobiology Hong Kong May 15-18 2014

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  • International Workshop on Multiscale Mechanobiology Hong Kong May 15-18 2014

    IWMM2014 Hong Kong

    About IWMM2014
    Mechanical modulation of cell, tissue and organ functions has been long recognized as an important basic science and clinical biomedical issue and has generated global interests in the field of mechanobiology. Disturbed blood flow and endothelial dysfunctions in atherosclerosis, matrix stiffness modulation of stem cell differentiation, and mechanical adaption of skeletons are only a few basic science and clinical examples in modern biomedicine. One of the challenges in the field of mechanobiology is the inherent nature of multi-disciplinary and multiscale hierarchies. It is critical that biologists, engineers, physical scientists, and clinicians come together and brainstorm the approaches and future of mechanobiology. It is important to bridge the spatial and temporal scales in mechanobiology via modern biology and large scale computations. Mechanobiology is a daunting biological problem, as it intrinsically transverse via multiscale of the biological systems; mechanical forces are applied to whole organisms/ organs, transmitted to tissue level, and transduced into cellular and molecular level. With an exponential growth of modern molecular biology, imaging, and computational technology, there are great opportunities that we can begin to tackle this enormously challenging multiscale mechanobiology topic and make substantial breakthroughs.


    1) Bring top leaders in the relevant fields of biology, engineering, physical sciences, and medicine to exchanges the cutting edge research in the field multiscale mechanobiology;
    2) Expose young investigators including junior faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students to advanced research in multiscale mechanobiology; and
    3) Brainstorm and develop blueprints for the future of multiscale mechanobiology.

    Intellectual Merits

    Our expanding understanding of the role that mechanical perturbations play in every aspect of biomedicine, from morphogenesis to chromatin epigenetic remodeling. Cellular and molecular bioengineering technologies that allow us to probe and even control cell activity and the microenvironment at the molecular level and across length scales enables new fundamental studies in cell biology, drug discovery, and regeneration. To date, isolated investigators from diverse fields have mostly operated under the different umbrellas, without widespread awareness of other groups, much less a common vision. There is a need for a unique and dedicated platform to bring these complementary groups of investigators together, which will be accomplished for the first time at this unique International Workshop.


    The impacts of this inaugural International Workshop on Multiscale Mechanobiology are several folds. First, the exchanges, brainstorming, and breakout discussions will result in a whitepaper on the blueprints of multiscale mechanobiology for publication in prime journals. In addition, an edited book on Multiscale Mechanobiology will be compiled at the end of the Workshop. Finally, the Workshop will include young investigators and prepare them for the future and opportunities of multiscale mechanobiology. More importantly, we will get those young investigators closely involved in the brainstorming and breakout sessions such that they will have a unique experience to observe how future of research fields will be shaped collectively.